New Signed Artist: Rachael Schafer

Rachael is an artist + illustrator born living and working in San Francisco, Ca. The wild nature she was surrounded by while growing up in Tennessee is an ever present source of inspiration.

She references the gardens, forests, towns, homes and cities she visits and grew up among in her work. Rachaels early interest in all things visual led her to study design and fine art at University, and eventually to move to San Francisco and work in both digital and print design and illustration.

She explores the space between first person experience and folk tale, the ideas and attachments of home, and the notions of nostalgia. She is interested in how it is often difficult to tell the difference between actual history and folk tale mythology. A sound, a story or a smell can be a form of travel and this is often explored in her work. She loves hand drawn lettering, repeat patterns, characters and color and all of these are present in her work in some combination.


Check out more of her work here: