New Signed Artist: Paula Bossio

That very day the sun rose warmest than ever in Bogotá, Colombia. It was the 11th of February 1979, a very special day, at least for Paula’s family. A baby girl was born safe and sound.She grew up and as a little girl she seemed to enjoy her parents’ drawings -architects always know how to draw greatly-, so those loving lines influenced her in such a way that she decided years later that she would study graphic design. She never imagined that in that learning journey she would find the amazing world of illustration. Nowadays, she works as an illustrator for children’s books; her work has received many awards in Japan, Korea, India, Italy, Mexico and Colombia. Paula loves to create whimsical and profound stories told through charming characters, vibrant colors and mixed media techniques. She delights with art, collecting picture books, listening to rock bands from the 70s, playing with her little nephew Samuel, riding her bicycle and watching movies while enjoying popcorn.



“I had an excellent experience connecting with ITSME. Their agents are very friendly, proactive, agile in their responses and clear in the information delivered. Thanks to their guidance and advice, I received a quick and positive response from Astound agency. Great job!”

– Paula Bossio


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