Seb is the ‘go to’ person when new marketing, website, and development ideas arise. He’s in charge of planning, designing and managing projects to improve the user experience and interface on our websites. Also, he ensures all technical functionalities run smoothly across the entire organisation. He works hand in hand with the marketing team to always achieve the best ideas and make them possible; bringing them to life with effective and innovative strategies and solutions. Seb was born in Colombia, where he completed his journalism degree and started his career in mass media by having the opportunity to work for two important TV channels; in one of them as a journalist and docu-series producer. His interest in marketing and digital innovation encouraged him to move to Spain to continue his academic formation. He successfully secured a Masters in Marketing and Digital Communication in the Camilo José Cela University, Madrid. This led him to his role as Marketing Manager at ITSme, and his home in Gibraltar. Creative in nature and with a love for the arts, music, movies and photography, he considers himself a talented individual who enjoys living life to the fullest.