The Most Beautiful Thing, by Khoa Le, exhibited in “Asians, Everyday”

Astounding artist Khoa Le has been invited to exhibit one of her beautiful illustrations from The Most Beautiful Thing in “Asians, Everyday“, a virtual exhibition hosted by The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Asians, Everyday,” celebrates the contemporary stories and images of Asian-Americans in picture books and showcases Asian Americans living their ordinary, familiarly human lives. The images will combat the narrative of Asians as perpetual foreigners with stories of Asians who share our common humanity.

Check out more information about the exhibition here where you can view the exhibition. Please read below for Khoa’s statement on the illustration from The Most beautiful Thing:

“The Most Beautiful Thing is the story of Kao Kalia Yang and her grandmother. It’s also inspired by my own experiences of love and acceptance, and of growing up in hardship and learning to enjoy the smallest, simplest things–such as a good bedtime story, a piece of candy, or even an ice cube instead of ice cream. Above all, it is a story of how the memories of loved ones that we keep and cherish in our hearts are truly the most beautiful things.

Working in a combination of digital and traditional mediums, I wanted to keep the artwork modern and fresh, yet still preserve the softness of more traditional painting. I enjoy working in intricate detail and trying to express the complexity of characters’ emotions.”

– Khoa Le