ITS not about us. ITS about you!

We connect creative talent to top agencies. We empower creatives to take the next steps in their creative journey through learning,  joining the best agency, networking, and being part of a successful creative community. 

ITS right for me

Join the agency that is right for you. We work in partnership with top representation agencies worldwide, and assist you in joining the agency that best matches your personal voice and creative needs. ITS about understanding exactly what you are looking for, determining the key characteristics of your practice, and knowing where you reside. All you have to do is share your work with us and we’ll take care of the rest!

ITS up to me

ITS up to you to develop your skills and deepen your knowledge​.​ Take part in our all-encompassing educational platform developed by creators, for illustrators and authors. We share the knowledge you need to grow through reading, watching, listening, and creating. Our content spans industries, featuring resources for those in illustration, design, animation, writing, commercial art, and film.

ITS by me

Take a look at what our network of agents, illustrators, authors, and clients are working on. We actively invite you to join our community, take part in our social media campaigns, connect, promote your work and share your ideas with fellow creatives and industry professionals.

ITS for me

We instill positive change under our charter “Positive E.F.E.C.T.S” advancing the Environmental, Financial, Ethical, Collaborative, Training and Social standards of our signed agencies and beyond to those that the Agencies deal with day to day in their commercial dealings; through outreach in education and their marketing.