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  • Looking for creative talent in the digital world has become easier in a sense, although the needle in the haystack has now become the best needle in the needlestack.

  • Our Learning and Development service helps clients get their staff into the productive zone quickly and effectively.

International talent search specialises in finding creative talent for all the biggest Creative Agencies worldwide.

We don’t like to call it headhunting, we can leave that for the CEO’s and CFO recruiters.

At International Talent Search ITS all about understanding exactly what you are looking for, what are the key characteristics in that person and knowing where they reside. We scout for the sources of creative talents and tap into it for our clients.

We have a highly experienced and focused research team who have been sourcing the best talent throughout the creative arena for over the last 25 years. We have the ability to collect, analyse and organise research and intelligence data and with extensive knowledge of the commercial environment. We have the ability to understand organisational and client offering and supply base, giving us the ability to map talents within a business. Lining up talent can be all about synergy.

Once the research is complete the list of appropriate candidates is checked and verified by the talent scout who can start the introductory process to ensure the best fit. You don’t hear this often in this market, if you get the fit right, longevity will follow.

By working with some of the best names across the creative industry, our scouts have been pairing career creatives with the right revenue generators internationally.

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