ITS right for me

Join the agency that is right for you. We work in partnership with top representation agencies worldwide, and assist you in joining the agency that best matches your personal voice and creative needs. ITS about understanding exactly what you are looking for, determining the key characteristics of your practice, and knowing where you reside. All you have to do is share your work with us and we’ll take care of the rest!

At International Talent Search ‘ITS’, we work with 7 of the largest creative agencies worldwide, helping you find the one that perfectly matches your personal voice and creative needs.

ITS all about synergy! Between the illustrators, the scouts, and the agents. We have a highly experienced and focused research team who have been sourcing the best talent throughout the creative arena for over 25 years. We have the ability to collect, analyse, and organise research & intelligence data with extensive knowledge of the commercial environment.

How to submit your work:

Send us a collection of images or link to your website/online portfolio at for consideration by one of our agencies. We do not require CVs, just a quick intro about your practice.

After submission:

We make sure your portfolio is thoroughly examined internally so it reaches the right people. It is reviewed by more than one agency, and a decision is agreed upon by a team of distinctly proficient illustration agents. Once one or more of our agencies express an interest in your work, we take care of the paperwork and ensure a smooth onboarding process to the agency of your choice.

More specifically:

  • We assist you with your submission to the agencies offering insights and tips.
  • We make sure you are meticulously informed about our signing and onboarding process.
  • We set up your illustrator’s profile and design your first portfolio with the agency.
  • We help you get in direct contact with an agent and introduce you to the team.
  • We check in with you after you launch to ensure you stay happy and busy with our team of agents.

All you have to do is share your work with us and we’ll take care of the rest!

Meet the Agencies

Advocate Art Limited / Advocate Art Incorporated / Advocate Art Sociedad Limitada was founded in 1992, with a group of illustrators who liked the idea of having an agent but not the other things that often came with that. We call our ethos four “F.A.C.T.s”: Fairness, Ability, Creativity and Trust. It’s about doing the right thing and being with the right people. We think our principles set us apart from conventional agencies, sticking to them has meant we have attracted the most creative illustrators who in turn attract (with a little help) the best clients.

The people we represent are perfectly able to conduct their own affairs but like working with Advocate Art because we offer value to them in the services we provide. Clients are assured that we represent illustrators that are like-minded professionals, pre-vetted and able not only to get the job done without fuss, but also to surpass expectations.

It’s their choice to be with us, we have a high retention rate – with the most popular illustrators in our group being with us from the start!

We were one of the first Agencies to give direct client contact with our illustrators, allowing creativity to flow without being diluted in translation. We were one of the first to offer re-sales as an important secondary income to illustrators. Now we have gone beyond that too, with the development of an online portal – ARTicle which enables illustrators to have transparency into the back office functions of the business, such as royalty management and credit control, amongst other things.

Business is all about relationships, which is why we have a very high illustrator-to-agent ratio, clients often use us as artistic advisors, project managers as well a trend forward resource for pre-qualified talent. It is for these reasons that Advocate Art has become the largest illustration agency around and I’d like to think one of the most respected but- we understand we didn’t get that way by acting like the biggest. Come and find out for yourself…

Astound US Inc has been a leader in global illustration representation since 2014. We have an international staff, with offices in New York City and London.

We aim high, to Astound, by being the agency with the best in contemporary children’s book illustration, licensing, and commercial art. We are Drawn to better. We excel in everything we do: from our bespoke heART strategy, to in-person presentations, project management, and the way we invoice.

We Astound by being great at what we do with a snappy, can-do, enthusiastic, talented, and creative attitude – all at no great expense. All these things make for an Astounding outcome.

We promise illustrators: Career advancements with the right clients, regular creative guidance, storybook development, direct connections with clients suited to your style, strong administrative support and on-time payment.

We promise publishers and buyers: We want to be the agency you heART! We offer a unique, individualized approach that allows you to heART Astounding illustrators you love. We save you time by providing quick access to your list of favorite heARTists for your upcoming projects. When you heART the illustrators you love, you do much more than create a list of heARTists matching your needs, they become your illustrators. All illustrator availability is shared on our website to save you valuable time.

Be drawn to better for an astounding outcome.

They used to tell us not to “tell tales”, to stop “making up stories”. Well, thankfully, our passionate team of rebelling, storytelling mavericks buck this trend every day.

Our talented designers, editors and illustrators are joyfully releasing around 30 new books a month into the wild. These books are being read by all ages, in all genres, as we relish the opportunity to tell great tales and make up wonderful stories.

Collaborate define brand identities through developing interesting narratives and personalities. The art of storytelling gives us the ability to create incredible storyboards for movies and animations. Our content generation is honest, imaginative and engaging. The content we generate for your books, for your brands and for your learning and development programmes will be rich in detail and thoughtfully crafted. Our creatives are skilled across all creative disciplines and we can develop your stories through to packaged files in both print and digital formats.

Our illustrators, editors, photographers, designers, web developers and animators are based in our Worthing, London, New York and Marbella studios.

At CWLA, our staff and contributors have a shared goal to create engaging Picture & Early Chapter books for young readers.

Early Chapter Books: I have genuine empathy with parents of children that are reluctant readers, as a mum of two boys myself, it can be incredibly hard to engage some children with reading. I believe there is a real need in the industry to create stimulating children’s content as a key stepping-stone into independent reading with Early Chapter books. This reading age group are very loyal to a ‘good’ series, which is often overlooked by writers and illustrators who either target at a higher age level with more detailed chapter books, or a much younger age group with picture books. Our aim here is to bring a wider selection into the market by ensuring the storylines are engaging, relevant and by offering different formats, easier reading text and just by creating great stories!

Picture Books: As co-founder of one of the leading illustration agencies, I have over 20 years of experience in Children’s Publishing. I understand how important it is to match artwork and text to present an obvious choice to publishers. The enormous goodwill I have built up with 100’s of illustrators, and my reputation for having a high conversion rate, means that we can often produce speculative samples for publishers the same day. Clients benefit from how that translates into a smooth commissioning process.

I also understand the author’s side of the business. As a writer myself, I appreciate the fine balance of creative input with the pressure of deadlines. I really enjoy working with our like-minded authors who share the same passion of bringing immersive and imaginative content to market through young literature.

Representation within illustration needs to change. As an illustration agency, we know that we have the power and opportunity to work closely with some of the most influential names across commercial markets. We are well-aware of this responsibility. It is important to use our platform and ensure we do our very best to pitch artwork and stories that are truly representative of modern-day illustrators. Illo strives to represent quality cultural content, in hope of making mainstream media more inclusive towards global illustrators and their artwork.

We bring you the world’s leading conceptual creatives and the highest levels of account management. Our creatives and agents have years of experience working with the world’s top brands to deliver great service at exceptional standards.

With feet on the ground in Manhattan, Seville, London and Singapore we are a truly global agency.

The quote: “Great art is not about seeing, but what you enable others to see” is in the back of our minds, always. We are passionate about conveying the simplest or most complex ideas through visual art without the need for words. Images that will translate your message or opinion in an intelligent, visually stunning way.

We are proud to provide art for a variety of Services: conceptual illustrators, illustrated brands, political illustration, pharmaceutical illustration, editorial illustration, fashion Illustration, illustrated ads, illustrated maps, illustrated typography, infographics, book covers, 3D illustration, financial illustration, wall murals, illustrated posters and illustrated packaging.

We connect you to over 150 illustrators and designers around the world – from the West to the East, global to local. We connect you with the talent you want.

Yeon Agency, headquartered in Singapore, is a company created by several illustrators with dreams. Our aim is to combine art and industry to help you improve the creativity of your products. At the same time, helping illustrators to succeed in the business environment and improve the virtuous circle of art and commerce. We adhere this goal with integrity, openness, enthusiasm and service-oriented attitude.

We exclusively represent 150 handpick leading local and top Western illustrators with a collaborative agreement with agencies such as Advocate Art (UK & Spain), Astound US (USA), Illo Agency (UK) and others. We have local illustrators who are familiar with Asian culture and foreign illustrators who cooperate with U.S. and European publishing houses. From cartoon style, hand-drawn style to realistic style, our illustrators can meet your style needs for different projects.