Atlanta is Advocate’s West Coast Manager. Having graduated from Kenyon College with a degree in both Art History and Studio Art, she has not only acquired a deep passion for art but has also come to learn about its place in the current world. As an artist herself, she has coined a keen eye for successful design. In fact, one of Atlanta’s favorite things is to watch live art auctions as that is where she is able to foresee current and upcoming market trends. Atlanta was raised in a family of art lovers. In fact, she feels as though she is a natural agent as it runs in her blood. Both her mother and father worked as art advisors, appraisers, and sellers. Due to their involvement in the arts, Atlanta feels as though she was raised to work in this field alongside creatives.

Working at Advocate Art has been such an exciting experience. It is the perfect blend of both her love for art and her interest in art sales. Atlanta feels so lucky to get the chance to look at beautiful artwork for a living and help bring some wonderful projects to life. Projects such as the FGTEEV Series illustrated by Miguel Diaz Rivas with HarperCollins Children’s, which was a New York Times Bestseller, The Juneteenth Story illustrated by Sawyer Cloud for Becker & Mayer, which was the Best Historical Winner for the Black Kitlit Awards 2022, and the General Mills Lucky Charms Campaign with Anomaly Advertising Agency, illustrated by Maria Lia Malandrino.