Emily is responsible for directing each of the ITSme Society agencies in achieving a unique global presence. Emily also leads production and concept creation for ITSme Learning and academy. Prior to ITSme, Emily was the Global Manager at Astound from its inception to late 2020.

At Astound, she helped innovate their marketing strategy, rising to one of the top illustration agencies in the USA in just a few short years, growing the agency into a multi million dollar business. She agented countless titles, including #1 NY Times Bestselling picture books and celebrity series, and was named one of the top 100 literary agents in the USA. She brings her unique ability to understand marketing and PR needs from an agent’s perspective, and her PR experience within the film industry; having assisted on major press events for award winning films at top International Film Festivals (Cannes, Venice, and NohoIFF). Emily is passionate about bringing attention to artist and agent achievements via foundational and innovative methods. In her (rare) spare time Emily enjoys visiting local bookshops, galleries, cuddling with her cats, going to the movies, and riding horses.