Vicky reviews the thousands of illustration submissions sent to us every week. She identifies the top talent.Organizes their portfolios to promote their strongest work And directs them to the agency that best matches their unique voice. Vicky graduated from London College of Communication, UAL with a degree in Illustration and Visual Media , incorporating both traditional and digital media.Her practice extends across fine art painting and illustration . She has exhibited in group shows across Europe (UK, Greece, Poland) and later moved on to interning for Advocate Art, starting her career as a talent scout. As a freelance artist herself, Vicky is highly attuned to the current market and illustration trends. Vicky has an in-depth understanding of the artist’s role, as well as the difficulties that can come alongside the artist’s journey. Vicky is passionate about guiding artists towared the best possible representation, expanding our creative community, and meeting with the artist’s that create it. In her spare time, you will find her strolling through art galleries or spending time with her two enormous fluffy sheepdogs at her father’s farm.