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Artist Spotlight: Fabien Gilbert

Published on 21/03/2022

Today we’re taking a deeper look into one of Artistique International’s star illustrators, Fabien Gilbert. Fabien is a French vector artist, based in Paris, who is fascinated by Parisian life and likes to explore various identities and translate communication needs into images. He particularly excels at all things editorial, bringing deep and emotive concepts to life through his sleek and intelligent approach to design.

He’s illustrated for major magazines such as L’Express, Science et Vie and Purdue Alumnus Mag to name a few. With themes ranging from artificial intelligence to women’s rights all the way through to mental health and presidential elections, Fabien is always able to go beyond his clients’ expectations. His sharp eye for colour, shapes and composition also lend themselves well to branding and promotional design, which can be seen in his illustrations for Nikka Whiskey and Hollywood director, Brett Ratner’s own whiskey brand, Hilhaven Lodge Whiskey.

We asked Fabien to share a bit more about some of his favourite projects:

“Three of my favourite projects with Artistique include my work done for the University of Iowa, Science & Vie and Hilhaven Lodge.

The project with the University of Iowa, was my first ever project with Artistique. The brief was a real challenge for me, it was to illustrate a cover and 2 articles about the potential for a career in the film industry for film students at the university. I had to make sure I incorporated elements of both the Iowa countryside and the Hollywood Hills. To bring out that possibility of success by creating a bridge between those two worlds.

I then had the opportunity to illustrate an incredible article for the renown french magazine, Science & Vie, on the progress of artificial intelligence in the domain of video games. As I’m a fan of science, space, video games and the future and dangers of technology (hello Blackmirror), you can imagine I LOVED this subject. I am really proud of the concept I came up with, even 1 year after having illustrated it.

Another notable project was for The Hilhaven Lodge. Hollywood director, Brett Ratner, contacted me on instagram to create an illustration to promote his whiskey brand on instagram. The brief allowed me to capture the beauty of the Hilhaven Lodge, an incredible place nestled in the heart of Beverly Hills with its own unique history.”

As you can tell, Fabien is a passionate artist who puts a lot of thought and consideration into every single project he works on. We were curious to know a bit more about Fabien’s experience with the agency and how being represented by Artistique has helped him in his career. Below, he shares a few words about his experience being represented by Artistique and the importance of having an agency:

“I’m really happy to be a part of this beautiful family at IQ and proud to be counted amongst this roster of talented artists whose work I admire. Being represented by IQ has opened doors for me to the international market that I would have never imagined possible when starting my career as an illustrator.The agents are always available and attentive, helping me manage the negotiations and administrative formalities, which really allows me to focus on my artwork.

Agencies like IQ are a necessity not just for artists but also for the client, as the agents are there to reassure the client, allowing the artist to focus all their time and energy on what they do best. I really hope to keep living many beautiful adventures with IQ, so a big thanks to the IQ team and my top agent, Alexina, who does such a great job!”

These are the words we love to hear from our artists! We look forward to working with Fabien on many more projects. If you’d like to work with Fabien as well, get in touch with an agent today:

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