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Artistique’s Florenza Palamà for La Repubblica

Published on 01/06/2022

Artistique’s Florenza Palamà for La Repubblica

This September, Artistique’s Italian agent Chris Modafferi travelled to beautiful Milan, Italy. Her first stop? La Repubblica’s headquarters, of course!

La Repubblica is Italy’s biggest and most reliable source of information, and Chris just knew she had at hand some amazingly intelligent illustrations that would simply BLOW. THEIR. MIND.

Chris was right. In a quick 15-minute meeting she shared all of our stunning portfolios, including Florenza Palamà’s, which captivated the art director, Francesco Franchi.

The following day emails pinged: Francesco wanted Florenza’s artwork to feature on a special edition of Salute, La Repubblica’s weekly supplement featuring the latest news on health and wellbeing.

The theme of this special edition was ‘starting again after Covid19’, with a different cover for every major Italian city within a limited colour palette of blacks, whites and reds. With Florenza being based in majestic Rome, she of course was assigned the capital! And what a clever illustration she came up with!

Florenza gave the spotlight to some of Rome’s most-loved sights: from the Colosseum, to Piramide, including Rome’s biggest theatres and museums. And of course, how could she not include pasta and a Vespa! Hers is a true interpretation of a twenty-something-year-old getting back to life after a tough couple of years.

Find out more about Florenza, our Roman-bound illustrator, or get in touch with an Artistique agent to bring your latest idea to life!

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