Astounding Review of ‘Rosalind Looked Closer’

“Kirkus Reviews is full of praise for the incredible new book ‘Rosalind Looked Closer’: An Unsung Hero of Molecular Science’, written by Lisa Gerin and illustrated by Astounding Artist, Chiara Fedele! It is a brilliant introduction to the life of the incredible scientist, Rosalind Franklin and how her research in molecular biology changed the world!

“Fedele’s mostly earth-toned illustrations are carefully constructed to capture the times and settings and present Rosalind as strong and serious.” – Kirkus Reviews

Thank you Kirkus Reviews for your wonderful words!

A massive congratulations to everyone involved in the making of this incredible book! What an achievement!

At Astound we are so proud to have been a part of this title’s creation and the amazing work Chiara Fedele has created. We are certain it will inspire a new generation of scientists! A must-have book for all budding scientists!

To see more amazing illustrations by Chiara Fedele’s, click the link below:

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