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Illo Illustrator Yuki Uebo’s Gallery Tour for Award Winning Pieces

Published on 06/05/2024

Illo artist Yuki Uebo is a Tokyo-based illustrator whose work is heavily influenced by the the culture of the city; such as the busy streets, use of colours, and general messiness. Through her work she also aims to depict people whose conversations, characters and stories can be imagined.

Yuki Uebo entered a collection of work titled “Travel to Japan” to last years AOI Members Award 2022 in the Exploration category, and she came out a winner! So this work in currently on tour! “Travel to Japan” is now exhibited in Nanchang and Ningbo, China as part of the World Illustration Awards 2022 Touring exhibition, here’s where to find the exhibition and when….

Nanchang Date: 15 April – 3 September 2023 Location: L1 Mixc Mall, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, China

Ningbo Date: 21 June – 21 September Location: Mixc Mall, 5 Hongshanyuan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China

Here’s why she made this beautiful artwork;

Stereotypical Japanese culture, such as Sumo and Kimono, is popular among tourists, but it was not a part of my daily life as I grew up in Japan. However, since I have not been able to go abroad for the past two years, I have had more opportunities to travel within Japan and review its culture. I express the fun of Japanese culture that I want to introduce to the world as a Japanese illustrator.

This is a personal project for Yuki’s portfolio, but this has also been repurposed as a “Furoshiki” – a square shaped cloth used in Japan to wrap items and carry them, available in Yuki’s online shop here!


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