Alice is the lead agent in France for Advocate Art SL. She graduated from Emile Cohl’s School of Arts in France with a degree in academic drawing, multimedia, and illustration. Alice first worked in the video game industry as a 2D and 3D artist before embracing the book industry as an author and illustrator. Since then, she has worked on dozens of children’s books giving her inside knowledge on every step of creating a book, from knowing how to deal with all the stakeholders in the publishing chain to processing layouts, designs, narratives, or deadlines.
Alice has been collaborating with major publishers all around the world for decades, including some of the most famous French historical organizations such as Le château de Versailles and the Gadagne Museum. Additionally, she has spent the last 10 years teaching illustration and academic drawing at her former art school in France. This has given her the keys to efficiently assist artists and help them meet the requirements to make every project a successful one. With a passion for new technologies, 3D, video games, concept art, board games, and books, Alice is keen on keeping an eye open for new forms of art, trends, and new talents!