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A Look Inside Our Partner Agencies: Astound

Published on 07/11/2019
Are you an illustrator looking for representation?
Are you wondering which agency might be right for you?
At ITSME we work alongside some great art agencies and we are excited to be introducing one of them to you right now.


Astound US Inc is a new kind of Artist Representation business based in the borough of Manhattan in New York City, and now with offices in London. They aim high – to Astound – by being the Agency with the best in contemporary children’s book illustration, and both licensing and commercial art from around the world. They back that up with excellence in every aspect: from the first presentation, to how they project manage, and all the way through to how they invoice. They Astound by being good at what they do with a snappy, can-do, enthusiastic, talented and creative attitude. And yes, they’re not expensive.

All those things that make for an ‘astounding’ outcome.

Their promise to artists: career advancement with the right clients, regular creative guidance, strong administrative support and on time payment.

Drawn to better.


Astound us Inc are one of the premier Illustration agencies in New York (maybe the World) ..with very exacting standards. They focus on Children’s and decorative markets with office’s now in London as well. We are thrilled to receive very positive testimonials from their artists. If you think you have what it takes to be astounding, please send your submission to ITSME!


“Thanks to Astound my artwork is reaching more kids around the globe. It fills me with joy and motivates me to keep creating”
-Teresa Martinez (check out her work here)

“Astound has done a fantastic job of connecting my art with people and publishers who have been amazing to work with. They’ve helped mold the public face of my illustration work in a way that puts my best foot forward. Astound gives me back time that I’d normally spend on marketing and business admin. I’m then able to cycle it back into more studio time and getting better at my craft. They have a fantastic eye for the market and what works and what needs work. They get it”
Jake Souva (check out his work here)

“Thanks to astound I achieved goals that I never expected to achieve; Astound is a great family, where I found great agents that work with me to bring out the best of my art.”
Katya Longhi (check out her work here)

Astound’s agents are fantastic; their advice and guidance, and the freedom they give me to express myself through my illustrations, has helped me grow into the artist I am today. I’m excited to see what we’ll accomplish together in the future!”
Hannah Marks (check out her work here)

“I’ve been with Astound for a good few years and I’m so happy with how they’ve helped me get my artwork out there. I’ve had the opportunity to work on so many wonderful projects and achieve my ultimate goal of having my own Author/ Illustrator books! I love being a part of the Astound family and working with the wonderful Astound agents and look forward to many more years to come.”
– Alex Willmore (check out his work here)

Thanks to Astound I’ve illustrated the most beautiful books I’ve ever done. That has made me grow as an artist
– Marta Alvarez Miguens (check out her work here)

“Astound allows me to enlarge my stage as an artist” 
– Santy Gutierrez (check out his work here)

“Astound agents are like the finger pointing the moon (a well known concept in oriental culture), the one who shows an artist the direction to shine. Is up to the artist to move his steps but they could be well directed thanks to a great agent!”
– Elisa Paganelli (check out her work here)

“I feel very lucky to be in Astound. Agency with high levels of professionalism and great humanity.I feel at home with my agents.”
– Chiara Fedele (check out her work here)

“To me Astound is more than just representation, they are a trusted partner who help me achieve my dreams in the illustration industry.”
– Laura Horton (check out her work here)

“The agents at Astound are not just there to facilitate contracts and communicate with clients. They are experts in their field who also lend their artists a great deal of information. As an Astound artist, I’ve been able to target specific clients and markets that I have wanted to get work with based on the great feedback from my agents.”
– Kat Uno (check out her work here)

“Astound brokered me closer with powerful women, and other places. I realised new worlds and stories, and learned a lot: they made me bigger as an illustrator and person.”
– Ana Sanfelippo (check out her work here)

“Astound Agency has brought me opportunities to work on projects that are inclusive, fun and uplifting. It feels amazing to use my art to lift up young people in exciting and positive ways! Seeing kids enjoying books I illustrated brings me so much joy and is the best part of the job.”
Claire Almon (check out her work here)

The best thing about working with Astound is the team behind the agency. An astounding team is what makes Astound, astoundingly great! Happy 5th birthday.”
Hazel Quintanilla (check out her work here)

“If I can call myself an artist and a real professional, It’s because all the help and the trust my Agents have placed in me. Thanks to Astound my greatest passion, drawing, is now my dream job.”
– Alessia Trunfio (check out her work here)

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