New Signed Artist: Hana Augustine

I am a 27 yo self taught artist from Indonesia. Since my early childhood I have always had pen and papers with me, I would observe and draw. Drawing has become a medium that speaks to my heart. I grew up with lots of children’s books and fairy tales, I was captivated by their worlds and characters and that helped me to develop my artistic sense. When I saw Glen Keane’s Ariel, I was blown away with the magic of drawing to life and ever since then my dream has been to become an artist in the animation industry. So my artistic scope ranges from concept art to visual development to character exploration to illustrations that tell stories. One of my turning points as an artist as meeting my boyfriend, he is a great story artists and that helps me to remind myself that in every drawing that I make I have something to tell. Me and my partner’s hope is for the people around the world to be able to relate to one one another through the stories of pain, loss, faith, hope and love that we all share as human beings.


“Im truly grateful for the help of ITSME_RECRUIT with all my questions as this is my first time joining agency. There were tons of things i didnt understand about the contract and i thought i must be silly to have so many questions and i was afraid to ask at first, but they patiently answered me and were very friendly. They took care of me until i was assured to be connected to my agent in Advocate. I think they are very responsible and took care of me well, thank you so much for the assistance and friendliness !!”

-Hana Augustine


Check out her work at: