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New Signed Artist: Daniela Tordi

Published on 21/03/2022

Daniela Tordi is born in Orvieto, a medioeval town in central Italy. Her childhood memories deal with the frescos of a giant cathedral, real tales from the past. She started illustrating as a self-taught in her thirties, asking to writers for adults to write a children’s story as a special gift. This collaboration, among other books, gave birth to Elynora, a true poetic story about death and resurrection written by Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish. As inspirational source, Daniela looks especially at illustrators of the past as Roger Duvoisin, André Francois, Maurice Sendak, Alice and Martin Provensen, Margot Zemach… She likes her characters being ironic and independent, involved in their own world. In 2012 she also produced a small animated video called DROLE (available on Vimeo), which celebrates life in the nature by a very folk style. At the moment Daniela mainly uses digital medium, but she’s experimenting with great pleasure mixed media in order to produce a series of cards. She’s mainly concerned about children’s books (she has published 6) and everything that can possibly make happier children’s rooms, like wallpaper, fabric, lamps…Apart from illustrating, Daniela has recently become a dollmaker. She sews Dandolls, funny creatures made by recycled materials. Dandolls have been sold in Provence and Italy and exhibited in Rome in 2017.


“A new, exciting adventure begins, thanks to ITSME, who introduced my work to ILLO Agency! I’m very grateful to ITSME, who trusted me and provided for a perfect assistance with my submission!”

-Daniela Tordi


Check out her work at:

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