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Advocate Art New Licensing Property: Katie Abey “Embrace your Weirdness”

Published on 29/08/2023

Advocate Art is now licensing… “Katie Abey, Embrace your Weirdness!”

Katie joined Advocate Art in July 2014; as a represented artist we have helped her with a huge number of deals with the biggest publishers and manufacturers in the world. Random House, Moon Pig, and WHSmiths, to name a few. Since joining us Katie has built up a large following of ‘weirdos’ on social media who resonate with her characters and messages.

She has developed her own brand – “Embrace Your Weirdness” – to celebrate the differences in each other. Her and her team have done an amazing job spreading positivity around the world. In 2018, they were able to open their storefront, Punnydukes, which acts as a creative space and magic shop.

Katie has entrusted Advocate Art with her art brand, which is packaged up into this exciting and vibrant new “licensed property”. A new Art License that is going to take the world by storm! We know it to be true.

Her work is created to inspire and uplift the individual. She is passionate about making people feel proud of their individuality and all of the things that set them apart from others. She is “committed to the idea that she might just be able to make a positive difference to the world by drawing perturbed animals and lots of rainbows for a living.” And with those perturbed animals and rainbows she has also illustrated over 50 children’s books and counting.

Katie creates a new character each day that expresses their individual message with the same positivity she has in her soul. This is not the toxic positivity or disingenuous “look on the bright side” clichéd nonsense that takes up head space to be inauthentic….but the gritty, down-to-earth messaging that resonates today- and yes, it can be sweary, we like good swear word sometimes; it helps us say it like we mean it (and bring a giggle) – and with no offense meant.

We weren’t put on this world to be a diluted version of ourselves, so it’s time to turn up the saturation of our individuality to 100%. Your strength lies in your qualities that set you apart and the magic happens when you embrace every single part of who you are and every feeling that makes you human. This is a diverse space for the misfits who never felt like they fitted in, to ‘not fit in’ together!

Jeff- Katie’s partner, is the warmest human you will meet and is also a flag bearer for embracing differences, being genderfluid, and having a disability – enter neon rainbow walking sticks! Jeff has been packing up 200 orders a day for their mail order business and 3 shops that simply have gotten out of control at times with the demand for weirdness merchandise.

They know this brand works and they have the cardboard cutouts to prove it. Now Katie and her team want to take it to the world (with a push from us).

Katie’s strange creatures with droll and witty speech bubbles speak for all of us; we all have a favourite character that empowers our day through our socks or mug or bookmark or t-shirt. “The satsuma of self-care” or “the tiger of unapologetic awesomeness” or “the dodo of determination”, brilliant!

Advocate Art is now bringing her brand to the next level though exclusive licenses for everything from apparel to packaging and more! Please let us know if your company is interested in an exclusive license with Katie on your next product!

Interested in seeing more? Click HERE to see Katie’s full portfolio!


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