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Advocate Art’s Deborah Millinship’s Most Memorable Projects of 2022

Published on 18/01/2023

Last year was a wonderful year for our agencies! They worked on so many fantastic projects, from books to clothing, to tarot cards, and more. As we look ahead to 2023, we wanted to wrap up 2022 with some of the agency’s most memorable projects. It’s not easy narrowing it down, but here are Advocate Art agent Deborah Millinship’s most memorable projects of 2022.

1. Magic Max

Author: Stephan Mulhern

Illustrator: Begoña Fernández Corbalan

Publisher: Bonnier

“This project was my first commission with Bonnier. It was also my first celebrity book, and we landed a three-book series! Begoña has a lovely style, and both she and the publisher are super to work with. This project also helped me build a great relationship with the client, which has led to other projects.”

2. The Fire Spirit

Author: Damian Harvey

Illustrator: Gaby Verdooren

Publisher: Franklin Watts Readers/ Hachette Children’s

“My relationship with the client, Melanie Palmer, is one of the best relationships I have. She was one of the first clients I met online last year, when I started, and we got to meet this year in person. This book, The Fire Spirit, stands out to me as I had to quickly find a copy artist after we could no longer use the original artist who lives in Russia. Luckily I got Gaby Verdooren on board and it actually worked out really well, they loved Gaby’s illustrations and the project went smoothly.”

3. Animals That Glow

Author: Kate Woolley

Illustrator: Claire McElfatrick

Publisher: Franklin Watts/ Hachette

“From what I remember this was my first live job. I have this book at home now, I managed to get a sample. I’ll keep it for my kids to use and for me to remember one of my first jobs with Advocate Art. Claire McElfatric was also a pleasure to work with, which made it an enjoyable experience.”

4. Greeting Card Licenses BERI

Illustrator: Bethan Richards

Client: Group Greetings

“Beth and I worked on these two cards together at first just to update her portfolio with new pieces. Now they are licensed cards! This project is also special to me because Beth is an artist I use to work with, who I recommended to Advocate Art. Beth is continuously doing well and is always up for a challenge, or for creating new speculative work.”

5. Spec Work with Catherine Worsley

Illustrator: Catherine Worsley

“This project wasn’t for a client but was spec work to help Catherine further develop her greeting card portfolio. Catherine is one of my champ illustrators, and I love working with her! She is always keen on getting feedback and doesn’t mind me pushing her with her development. We get along really well and she recently told me she has had more sales thanks to my advice.”


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