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Artist Spotlight: Indre Vaiciukaite

Published on 21/03/2022

Artistique is very proud to represent intelligent artists from around the world. Today we’re taking a closer look at the beautiful and bold world of Indre Vaiciukaite, based in Lithuania, who specialises in murals.


We asked Indre about her process, inspiration, the challenges she faces and what she enjoys the most:


“In the year 2021 I was lucky to have so many beautiful mural projects. But every new project comes with its own challenges whether it’s choosing a perfect palette, brushes, or looking at the scale of it and thinking how I will do this. With each project, I am growing and learning so much. 


The process starts with thinking about what this piece of art will bring to the place or to the people in it. My inspiration for the painting comes from the city that I live in, daily situations, nature, and life itself. I always try to think how a mural could be a source of joy or wonder for people and the main accent for the place. And as for the brand or company –  a mural is always the thing that would separate them from others in a fun and unexpected way.”


We couldn’t agree more with Indre, when she says that a mural is what will separate a brand or company from others in fun and unexpected ways!


Although Indre primarily works on murals, she also creates other stunning illustrations. From whimsical illustrated recipes, to detailed portraits reflecting the inner-workings of the mind or adding an illustrated touch to photographs, she’s up for any challenges.


If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of colour and joy to your office space, cafe, or shop, drop us a line:

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