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Astound Manager Kate Visits Elementary School in Hudson Valley

Published on 26/05/2022

On April 22nd, Astound managing agent Kate was welcomed to visit a lovely class of first-graders at Cornwall on Hudson Elementary School. The students have been learning about different careers as well as working on writing and illustrating their own stories with their wonderful teacher, Kim.

The students were attentive and curious and Kim gave them encouragement, inspiring really thoughtful questions. They had also already been learning about the different genres including graphic novels, comics, picture books, and activity books!

Kate explains, “It was wonderful to see their faces light up when they learned that there is a career in which you can illustrate pages of a book for publication. When I was a first-grader I would have loved to have learned more about careers within publishing and the creative industries.  The takeaway from my visit is that there are more artists around us than we know – nearly the entire class of 21 students raised their hand when asked if they loved art – and many aren’t familiar with the different steps involved in bringing a book to life. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to offer information about my industry and to share the joy that comes from helping freelance Artists achieve their goals!”


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