Ciara Long

Ciara was born and raised on a canal boat in England. Since she was little she’s always loved to draw,learning recentlyfrom her Grandfather that she used to carry around a little post-it note ‘portfolio’of drawingsas a child. She studied Surface Pattern Designat an art school in Swanseawhere she madeher illustrations intopatterns which she hand printed onto wallpaper, greetings cards, tote bags, whatever she could get her hands onto! Currently residing in colourful Bristol, she spends her days drinking plenty of tea, drawing away in a shared artists studio.She has worked on all kinds of projects such as magazine illustrations, wallpaper patterns, childrens fashion, greetings cards and many other paper and lifestyle products. In her spare time Ciara is an avid plant mum, and is currentlyalsolearning how to make them all their own jazzy pots in her ceramics classes!