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Happy Interns!

Published on 21/03/2022

There’s nothing we love more than positive feedback.

We run an active internship program here at ITSME that we hope many students or career seekers will find very beneficial. We are currently looking for language or bilingual students to help us expand globally.

There is no mistaking that interns have become essential to the running of a busy agency. We get to spread the Agencies message around tomorrow’s art and design professionals – internationally. We are also a recruiting platform (10 of our current staff were recruited from internships) and we get help, not cheap labour.

Please get in touch to request an Application form.


Check out some of our latest collected testimonials:

It all started with a poster advertising an internship at Advocate Art Illustration Agency, and after getting in touch it was all booked in for my Easter break at Uni – I even sacrifice a free holiday for the opportunity…. Best decision I have ever made! Almost 9 years later, I am now a Senior Manager at the company, and we have grown into 5 countries with a staff of 40+, and my job has develop with me throughout that period. The internships here at Advocate give you an insight in the world of Illustration and the team here is dedicated to give you a variety of tasks in order to expand on your skills. If you are lucky enough to intern at Advocate, you are treated like a member of the team, not just the help. Whilst here you are able to get involved with assisting the team on live projects, ask questions about what the guys are up to and to top it off also discuss your personal career goals which could involve a portfolio review.Natasha Harding 

Between my 2nd and 3rd year at university, I decided to do an internship at Advocate-Art. I was studying my degree in Illustration at the time and I wanted to get some experience in the Creative Industry. My internship gave me a lot of experience giving me a good idea of what it takes to break into the creative world, as well as what it would be like to work in an agency. During my time there, I had a chance to work on admin/ agent tasks which gave me a good overview of what it’s like to be an agent everyday. I also got to work on small projects from live client briefs which was enjoyable and gave me a good idea of the market and what sort of creative projects came in too. 

I loved my internship at Advocate, it was a great environment to work in, the staff are super nice and 4 years later, I have come back! I started off as an Agent and now work as the Art Director, along with working with clients on various projects. – Bhavisha Vadgama 

It was Year 2 of my illustration BA at the University of Brighton, when I saw the poster advertising an Internship at Advocate Art. Having always preferred critiquing my classmates art rather than my own artwork, it felt like the ideal opportunity to explore all aspects of illustration. It was only a 2 week internship at the start, but Advocate were a very warm and welcoming family of creatives whom inspired me to take the route of an Illustration Agent. 2 weeks turned into a longer summer internship, and as soon as I graduated I applied to be a full time illustration agent. It was 16 years ago that I first interned for Advocate. and have learned so much about the illustration industry, far more than I learnt at University. I have gone on to Manage the team and successfully produce/Art direct and Project manage over 600 books a year for the last 15 years. Kate Johnson

I started as an intern with Advocate in 2016, and now beginning October 2018 I was managing the company – suffice to say, there are endless growth opportunities within the company!

Whilst I was an intern for Advocate Art I found myself learning so much on the job, and I receive invaluable guidance from my mentors; all in all the position was enlightening and it gave me tons of resources for propelling my career forward. If you join us you can expect to gain experience understanding the inner workings of an agency, as well as designing marketing materials, relaying with artists, and administrative duties.Amanda Hendon

I began my internship at Advocate Art during my Summer break of my third year in University. During this time I learned a lot about what it takes to be an art agent, how to be a successful illustrator/designer and understand how a lucrative art agency is run. Following my bachelors degree in graphic design I was given the chance to work full time as a Talent Scout. In my time here I have learned more than any school could have taught me. I am now able work alongside lovely agents and help amazing artists further their careers. 

Who would have thought and Internship would get me here?Lara Hilgefort

My two weeks internship have been great, the guys at Collaborate have been really helpful (even though they had plenty of work to do!) and they made me feel like part of their family straight away. I helped them from the beginning creating sketches and modifying images on Photoshop to be published on their upcoming books. This helped me to see and understand their work’s methodology and teaches me few important lessons. I really recommend this experience, even if it’s just to meet those lovely people! Serena Gomiero 

I spent 2 weeks as an intern at Collaborate Agency in Worthing. The experience was very inciteful, it was great learning more about how the agents choose different illustrators for the jobs they have and the variety of different jobs an agent actually can get. The team was really friendly and the whole experience was extremely encouraging for my own work as an illustrator. I would highly recommend if you’re interested in either getting and working with an agent or thinking about working as an agent yourself! Alina Everatt 

My internship at Advocate Art was also my first insight into the busy world of children’s book illustration. I worked behind the scenes, learning new skills and gaining invaluable experience that I would quickly put to use when I was asked to join the team not long after I had completed the internship. I haven’t looked back since! – Laura-anne Robjohns 


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