Lidia Fernandez

Lidia Fernández Abril is a freelance illustrator from Spain. She lives in Valladolid (anice small university city)with herloved ones, including herbeautifulcat. Herpassion is drawing, creating stories, characters, but also swimming, books and movies!.Lidia started herprofessionalcareer as an inbetweener and clean up artistand as a Storyboard artistwithdifferentAnimation Studios. Presently she isfocusedon illustrating children books -recently illustratingthebooks series “Supermask”, and “UpsidedownMagic” for the Spanish public. She also works on designing characters and backgrounds for kids games.She loves the whole process of developing astory, whetherfor a movie,a children’sbook, comic orgame. She tries to learn as much as possible on each project she approaches. What she enjoys most of all though is that her work allows her to preserve her inner child and keep drawing!