New Signed Artist: Nana Gonzalez

Nana lives in Rosario, a city at Argentina, at the shores of Parana’s river. She graduated in Fine Arts, and while she was studying, between her and her mother, they opened a paint workshop (her mom is an artist too). This let her work while she was studying, always what she knew to do the best! One day on an Art fair, an independent editor of children books saw one of Nana’s artworks and she had the idea of hiring her to illustrate one of her books. That’s how her history as a freelance illustrator of children books began. Nana is an ‘oldschool’ and rathers painting her illustrations manually. To not be an ‘oldie’ she always gets her works done digitally. Besides illustrating, she’s been loving the art craft since always, So, if she has a chance, mixes her illustration work with jewelry and pottery.


“Changing agents is a complex process. ITSME made this transition very simple! Always answering all my doubts and most important of all, with a super professional treatment, but without leaving the kindness aside. It did not mater that we spoke diferent language, communication was very good and ITSME put everything so I can start working with my new agency, Illo.”

-Nana Gonzalez


Check out more of her work here: