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Sarah Cho

Published on 06/05/2024

Sarah grew up in the crowded city of Los Angeles and has enjoyed drawing ever since she could hold a crayon. Her passion for bringing her artistic and fanciful visions to life may have started from a book containing a collection of beautifully illustrated fairy tales. That book is long gone, but she still remembers the graceful mermaids, the whimsical candyland, and the striking contrast of Snow White’s black hair and fair skin. If there is anything that would bring joy, it would be to share her vision withthe world and recreate what she had lost. Sarah graduated from California State University Long Beach with a BFA in Illustration and a minor in creative writing. She specializes in digital painting but has had experience with traditional mediums such asacrylic, gouache, and colored pencils. She enjoys playing video games, eating delicious ramen, and listening to upbeat EDM music

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How to illustrate kids’ puzzles: from simple to complex!

How to illustrate kids’ puzzles: from simple to complex! Teacher: Bhavi Patel, Advocate Art Agent/ ITSme Learning Almost every theme and subject matter can be adapted to both kid and adult age groups; the key element that differentiates the two is the level of difficulty. This is determined by how much detail is in the...

New Signed Artist: Carolina Coroa

Carolina was born in Belém, north of Brazil, a city well-known for its exuberating nature and strong native culture. She graduated two times, in Communication and in Fashion. After finishing her master at Istituto Europeo di Design in São Paulo, she worked for 6 years creating prints and patterns for fashion companies, running her own design studio and studying...

Calling out to all Creatives!

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New Signed Artist: Katie Crumpton

I was born in South Carolina in 1992 but now I’m currently living in the Bay Area. I moved to California to attend the Academy of Art University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in illustration in 2016. I started drawing from a very young age and was too stubborn to stop. I get inspired...

New Signed Artist: Hana Augustine

I am a 27 yo self taught artist from Indonesia. Since my early childhood I have always had pen and papers with me, I would observe and draw. Drawing has become a medium that speaks to my heart. I grew up with lots of children’s books and fairy tales, I was captivated by their worlds...

New Signed Artist: Daniela Tordi

Daniela Tordi is born in Orvieto, a medioeval town in central Italy. Her childhood memories deal with the frescos of a giant cathedral, real tales from the past. She started illustrating as a self-taught in her thirties, asking to writers for adults to write a children’s story as a special gift. This collaboration, among other...